Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year!

I know it is a bit overdue but I am taking this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year on behalf of myself and NALS.

Be sure to start 2008 by doing a few things to help kick start a year of marketing success. First read the short blurb prepared by Ione Mixon in today's E-News. It is a great message that we sometimes forget about, Talking! We all love to do it and by talking positively about NALS and your states and chapters you can build a positive image among your colleagues that may or may not be members. By presenting your states and chapters as a fun place to visit and belong as well as being a resource for education and networking you can spread the word about them and build membership by others wanting to be a part of your organization.

This is a form of public relations and is at times the strongest. It means a lot more when people hear things for those they know or work with and if you show them where the fun is and where the knowledge is then they are more likely to check it out further.

So make a resolution to TALK MORE! (About NALS that is!)


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dearmae said...

Glad you started this blog. Happy New Year to you, too, Jay, and ladies who blog!
I'd like to get your thoughts about using a celebrity for NALS marketing. I know - you could consider every NALS member a celebrity. What I'd like to get feedback on, though, is the kind of celebrity every paralegal/legal assistant/legal secretary would look up to in their effort to maximize their potential.
Here's where I am coming from: last night, I watched Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice TV show. The Hydra team won bec. their use of a celebrity (a boxing champ) was very effective in imparting the message their sponsor wanted - even the opposing team agred with the sponsor's choice of the winner - the opposing team used regular people, also good, but the celebrity made greater impact.
Now, who would that celebrity be in our case? Would he/she be the managing attorney of a well-known law firm, or would he/she be the administrator of a well-known law firm? I think use of a celebrity by NALS in marketing would be very effective. Who's our celebrity?