Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Help Make NALS Famous!

Well Facebook and LinkedIn famous at least! I have started group pages on both Facebook and Linkedin for NALS. I am sure everyone is familiar with Facebook but some are not so much with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that lets you make contacts with people and see how many steps away from others you are. You can also post and look for jobs as well as give and receive recommendations. The NALS Groups will give you access to other members of the group so you can use them as a resource if needed. Here is the link to the NEW NALS Group on LinkedIn:

I have no idea how to give you a link for the Facebook group but I am trying to figure it out. Until then you can do a search and hopefully that will get you to the proper place.

Let me know how it goes!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Support Those Supporting You!

One thing that people take for granted when flipping through their next issue of @Law or even a local newsletter is the advertising. Advertising is what pays for these publications and the publications count on its readers to support those paying to advertise in them so that they will continue to support it and use it as one of their marketing venues. You might think that this is not a chapter or NALS marketing issue when it involves someone else's ads but think of it this way. When NALS or your chapter needs support to host a conference who do you look to? Often times this is a corporate entity. If we take these businesses for granted and do not support their efforts by picking up a copy of your local or national publication and taking a look at what the people that are supporting your organization have to offer then one day they may not be there.

So the next time you need a deposition company or a process server or even mailing labels or copies take a look at @Law or a local publication and see if anyone in there offers these services. If they do I urge you to give them a try...they are giving you one by paying to put their information in front of you!

NALS members are a loyal and devoted group, if we show our corporate sponsors and advertisers this then we will be able to prove to the world outside of NALS what kind of organization we are...and that is marketing!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!

Nothing new regarding Marketing but I would love to hear some stories about great April Fool's Day pranks! I know everyone has them so share...maybe you will give someone a good idea.

I will start with a good one. I have a friend from college that got married to a Naval Academy grad and moved around a lot right after school. They settled in Maryland and when she found out that she was pregnant we all were excited for them. The next April Fool's day several of her friends got calls from her husband saying that they had just had a baby boy. Of course we all thought it was a joke being April 1st. We all played it off as a joke not wanting to seem like we were fooled. A few days later we tried to call and check up on her and found out she actually did have the baby on April 1st...we actually fooled ourselves!

Okay so not a great story but something interesting to kick things off.

Leave comments, I like to read them!


******NALS is not responsible for any stress or mental anguish that may be caused by any of the shenanigans posted on this blog...this is for entertainment purposes only and no pranks here should be duplicated on those individuals not able to take a joke. Please do not use the NALS name or logos in conjunction with any pranks.******