Monday, March 16, 2009

The Marketing Blog is Back!

Okay...Tulsa is done and it was a great conference! I will be committed to updating this blog more often now...I will need some help however.

I NEED COMMENTS! This will help me understand what it is that you need from this blog and how I can make it serve you the way you need it to. I want to know what you think about what is said and whether or not you think it is important to you.

I want to use this as a way to help you "Think Big" and also use this as a place for people to bounce ideas off one another.

I will work on putting together a new the mean time please post some comments on what you want to see from me!



Julie Abernathy said...

I encourage you all to plan to attend the Annual Conference in Irvine. We will be celebrating our 80th anniversary, and what better place to celebrate than back where we began. I promise you will gain many new friends, learn much more for your careers, and have fun!

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