Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Getting Started

Hello Everyone,

I am Jay Moore the Communications and Marketing Manager for NALS...the association for legal professionals. In my efforts to keep NALS up-to-date and on top of the technology ladder I am starting a marketing blog. Since blogs are now common place we can begin using them and pretend that we are ahead of the game! Just kidding, the legal community is not the first at anything technology wise so it is normal for us to be on the second or third train when it comes to technology.

I hope to post information that will help you all with marketing your local and state associations as well as help with communicating to your members. I am sure I will also post some things that have little to do with either but I think of as good information. I will try my hardest to tie it in somehow to marketing or communications...fortunately pretty much anything can be tied into these things!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the information I post...or don't. Whatever you like works for me.


PattiPP said...

Hey there - this is exciting. I've never blogged before. Maybe it will be addicting!

I am a legal secretary and absolutely love what I do. It's interesting and challenging -- no two days are alike.

When I started out we were using typewriters and shorthand! My, but things have changed. If you want to know more about what I do, leave a comment and we'll start a dialogue

Thanks Jay for starting this blog. I hope that it catches on.


Jay said...

Hey Patti...thank you for your comments, however a blog is not really meant for conversation as the forum or community is. Blogs are meant for a main post to be made on a specific topic and then comments are to be made in regards to that topic. Everyone should feel comfortable posting comments but the comments should be on topic with the original post.

I hope this makes sense, if you have questions shoot me an email. I also posted a new main blog to hopefully clarify.

PattiPP said...

Ok - let's see if this works . . .
Our local chapter is holding an E-filing seminar next month prior to the local court launching their E-filing in 2008. By trying to stay ahead of any competition and, in fact, appealing to staff who may be the last ones to get training, our chapter will show itself as a leader in keeping members on top of trends.


Teresa Moore said...

Jay, this is great. I will be checking it from time to time for marketing ideas from other chapters, etc. We are planning to have a reception first of next year and invite office managers, managing partners, HR folks, of law firms, etc. to make them aware of our association and what we have to offer for their support staff. Hoping that they will help promote our organization at their respective firms and offer incentives for their support staff to join.

Teresa Moore, BLSA, Alabama