Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Man it has been a long time!

I want to apologize for the time between posts! I have been crazy busy working on the new website design and since it is online and trucking I can get back to some blogging.

The marketing committee met last night and had a great discussion on ways to utilize schools as a tool to build your membership as well as give some great recognition to your state and local associations while building relationships with both students and professors. I feel that vocational schools and colleges with paralegal/legal assistant/legal secretary programs will be the best options when it comes to getting participation. One idea was to use schools to host your meetings and invite students to join you. This will give them access to your group and give them the opportunity to see how it could benefit them when they enter the work force. By using the schools facilities and by inviting the students you could potential save money on renting a room as well as bring in some potential members. Another idea was to host a career fair at the school and allow firms to send HR people to exhibit and interview the students for potential internships and/or jobs. This would be a great way to help out both the students and the law firms if they are having trouble filling positions...new graduates will often work for less money and can be trained without any preconceived ideas of how things are done.

NALS offers some great benefits to schools and students. The NALS textbooks are known to be among the best and most comprehensive while our ALS exam is the only certification geared to new professionals and students. We even have a curriculum guide to help a program get started without truly having to start from nothing.

Keep an eye out as the marketing committee will be putting together some information to make building these relationships with schools easier...we will even have a listing of schools for you!


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