Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday Marketing

I know it is hard to see it this way but the Holidays are a great time for your state or local chapters to come together and help out a worthy cause...and this is marketing! Make sure if you choose to help a local food bank or pitch in at a Habitat for Humanity site that you are sending out press releases to local newspapers informing them of your good deeds. This is also a great way to show the community and potential members that the organization is socially conscience and willing to help. You could also use this as an excellent internal marketing tool by adopting a local family or by trying to raise money to help out a charity. You can set up a contest to motivate your members and could even set up teams to help build relationships within your association. Remember that everything has a marketing spin so if you are helping yourselves or helping other understand what the association is about then you are doing a good thing! Remember to be positive and include as many people as want to help but you don't want to be anonymous!


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